Harley Davidson Sued over ABS


This week (January 9th 2017) plaintiffs Mark and Pamela Jones sued Harley Davidson in an East Texas court. From the Marshall News Messenger, the plaintiffs, who reside in Pittsburg, sued the company in June 2014, claiming that the company’s lack of an antilock brake system on the Harley motorcycle the couple purchased cost them serious injuries, following a near fatal collision in 2013.

In Marshall News Messenger’s coverage of Wednesday’s hearing,  expert witness Dr. Jack Lenox is quoted: “The minute Harley-Davidson says, yes (to police departments), we’re going to give you the motorcycles with ABS and the police say give me more, then yes, that’s all I need (to show ABS was a phenomenal safety design solution when it comes to reducing motorcycle injuries and fatalities),”.  Lenox was referring to the fact that the HD Electra Glide and Road King police models have ABS as standard.  Police motormen are the highest mileage and best-trained riders out there.

Here’s additional commentary on this landmark case from Asphalt and Rubber.

Mandatory motorcycle ABS has been discussed in depth on motorcycleaction.org


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